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Jeremih feat. Fabolous - Ahh Shit

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На этой странице Вы можете скачать новую песню Jeremih feat. Fabolous - Ahh Shit в mp3 бесплатно, Размер MP3: 7.66 MB, Длительность: 03:21 и слушать музыку Ahh Shit - онлайн, со своего телефона Android, phone в любое время. Только полная версия!
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Текст песни Jeremih feat. Fabolous - Ahh Shit
Ahh shit, ahh shit, ahh shit
Nigga feeling good, she did
Dammit I should, alright
Now It's finna blow, green lights
And this is how it goes

[Verse 1: Jeremih]
Yolo, yo ho, on that, fo sho
Bet that shawty wet, I’m rocking her robo
Heard she like it going deep
May I take her photo
No referees up in the ring
Yeah I prefer them low blows
Her shit pop, paw paw, fo fo
I cuff her ass I’m no cop, but she call me robo
Never had a four loco, never had a 4 loco
But when they po' me up a fo' I'm leaning like a cholo
Gone yeah, gone yeah, even on my own man
You kid, i’ma type of grown man
You rent, i’ma type of own man
Your girlfriend up on me, swear he don’t know me
Now I’m all in her shit, now like roman
Now tell me how many licks does it take to
Break her, put her to sleep and bout time now she wake up
I’m fresh of a flight from the heat to the lakers
And still on a high off these trees from jamaica

[Verse 2: Fabolous]
Digest, I just, live in that projects
Now I’m in that penthouse, salute my progress
Respect that process, admire my guess
Fuck being modest, nigga admire my goddess
Cause she bad, that’s obvious
She thick, that body is
Probably is, hot as Abu Dubai is
And it’s going down like
Elevators to where the lobby is
Into 9 I’m on that brown like bobby is
It’s my prerogative, I can show you how to live
Every little step you take will be in shoes Guiseppe makes
My tender roni, the one and only
Fuck me two times in case the first one get lonely
Ahhh shit, now we fucking talking
Oh is we talking fucking, but what you suckers talking?
I keep buying rides, like I suck at walking
The motto's money talk, I said what you suckers talking huhh?
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